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ARMER Towers 121-123

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Feb 3, 2005
Central Minnesota
On the Farming tower (215) in Stearns County there are three other towers being advertised as neighbors in the Site Information tab of Pro96Com.

Tower 121: 852.4375
Tower 122: 851.4375
Tower 123: 853.7875

An FCC ULS search shows

852.4375>>some Nextel licenses and WQDJ482 with that control channel being in Morris, MN. There is also another MN license for that frequency in Carver County for all of the sites for their simulcast sites.

851.4375>>Again with the Nextel and two MN State Licenses WPKG241 in Carver County and WQDJ482 again for Morris, MN.

853.7875>>This frequency ONLY has WPKG241 as a state license in addition to the usual Nextel licenses. Nothing for Morris, MN.

Anyone in the Morris area that can listen for traffic on any of these frequencies and report results? Any other insight into these towers or frequencies?


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