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AT&T LTR still around?

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Dec 19, 2002
Does anyone know if the radios are still on the hilltops?

I've monitored off and on for a few years and have never heard anything (not even the kerchunks common on other LTR systems). When I work with AT&T folks they all have cell phones, not sure if they have mobiles (I know the network engineers don't).

Anyone know if the system still exists other than as a valid FCC license?


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Dec 16, 2000
Sitting in an airport somewhere
The equipment is still at the sites. I used to work with them a lot and would ask them. No one had it in their trucks or knew about it (same as you experienced). It's been some time but I think the last I heard was the Vaca site with telephone interconnect usage. They rolled this system out prior to the integration of the cellular operations so they probably now rely on that as it's cheaper on a financial basis?


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Feb 7, 2003
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The stuff up in norcal is similar. Not sure if the equipment is still there but it is silent. Working with ATT fiber and copper people, their vehicles don't have anything except their cell-based mobile laptop, which has VOIP chat, instant message, their workorder system etc. They have FRS radios when they need to talk pole-to-pole. One of the techs seems to remember it for a very short time but the cell-based laptop arrived shortly afterward.
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