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Barn fire - union county

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Feb 24, 2001
Location: Fish Rd between Delaware County Line, and Hinton Mill.
Time: 02:21 Tuesday, 15 June
Channel/Talkgroup: All units responded on UNI OPS-2

A barn was reported on fire. While units responded, they were advised of Aceteline and oxygen (welding materials), as well as gasoline and diesel were stored in 150 gallon containers nearby. There was also livestock in the barn.

Some of those flammable materials actually exploded, and was actually visible from 8 miles away.

Firefighters from Delaware, and Union counties knocked down the flames in approx. 1hr 10mins. Still smoldering though.

No word as to what caused it, (there was severe thunderstorms earlier, so it's possible that it was lightening)

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