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basic data and pirate info

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Jul 22, 2002
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Posted for hfflunki...

So now I got a decent setup now if anyone could point me in the direction of a good resource for basic data and pirate frequency I found my radio
Works alright for now and bought a digital recorder at radio shack so I'm broke now I just need somthing to listen to tonight
Thanks again
Sep 2, 2012
Like Prime Number mentioned, HF Underground is a good forum for finding information on pirates.

A lot of pirate radio fans hang out there.

Most of the pirates I've heard seem to hang out on one or two frequencies just below the 40 meter ham band, in the 6900 khz part of the SW spectrum.

Some pirates appear on other frequencies, though. YHWH appears all over the place. I've heard him on 14350 khz (or just above, can't remember the exact frequency right now) and also on 9610 khz.
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