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BC-125AT battery eliminator

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Feb 21, 2011
My first post to RR. I have a Uniden BC-125AT and have noticed when I run the scanner all day in the car, the USB charger (in cigarette lighter) does not keep up with the scanner drain. I am using NiMh batteries. Is this typical?

Secondly, I am thinking about using a AA battery eliminator (put scanner in alkaline mode for 3Vdc) but should the battery eliminator be isolated from the 12 car battery? I use an external mag mount antenna and wondered about any part of antenna touching the car frame when operating from the battery eliminator.

I asked Uniden Scanner Tech Support about battery ground and antenna shield and they said: "Unfortunately we do not have that technical of information as that is not the type of tech support we provide. Fro liability reasons we are not able to disclose information that would lead to the modification of a Uniden product. We apologize for the delay in getting you a response and for the inconvenience the answer we have to give may cause."
May 28, 2009
Yes, the 125at only charges the internal batteries from usb when turned off, not while operating.

And quite frankly, charging batteries inside a scanner inside a hot car is not advisable. :)

Since it only takes two cells, I'd just have two more fully charged ones ready to go when you transition from mobile to portable if you need longer runtimes.

I don't see the need for a mobile battery eliminator since that is basically what the usb cable is doing while the unit is operating.
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