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BC 796D APO 25 scanner

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Sep 13, 2011
Yes, I'm new to this scanner, finally upgraded from BC 2500XLT.

I have read the owners manual several times. However, I can't seem to find the scroll bar.

Assigning the text tag. How do I find it and use it?

While the unit is scanning An arrow pointing down is displayed.What does this mean?


Scroll bar? If you mean moving in the menus you spin the bottom left knob.

I don't remember where the text tag is, always program with software... lol

It means its scanning downward in numbers, roll the knob clockwise to change scan direction to up.


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Feb 22, 2008
Toronto Canada
text/alpha tagging is found almost the same way as programming frequencies

going off memory i believe its hit menu - scan option (slect by either pushing the bottom left button or the E key) - then hit conventional or trunk (depending what u want to tag)

if u hit conventional then either scroll (bottom left knob or the hold/limit up and down keys) to choose the channel # you want - push knob again - choose frquency - if the freq is correct hit enter again - now it should say ALPHA TAG... now you can enter the alpha tag.

for trunking you do menu - scan option - trunk - select the trunking bank # (be carefull the banks are confusing - bank 2 is actually channel 101, bank 9 is actually channel 801 etc). then choose #3 talkgroup (you may need to scroll down to see #3)... then find the talkgroups/ you want to change, for example ID # 8800 m1-1, hit the enter again to confirm - now you can change the ID or #2 alpha tag.

when done hit menu a few tiems to get out of it
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