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BC145XL scanner

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Dec 4, 2011
Is a BC 145xl a usable scanner. It seems like I can only program a xxx.xxx freq into it. Am I doing something wrong or is this scanner to old? The freq I was try to enter was xxx.xxxxx


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Jan 22, 2003
McLean, VA
This a problem with some of the older wide filter/Wide band scanners. The will round to the closest frequency.

Many of the radio channels moved to a Narrow band frequency line up due to over crowing and there were also a number of overall frequency realignments.

Many of the public safety systems are not going digital or have gone digital. While the scanner you have may have specific uses, it is limited by where the hobby and industry have migrated to.

To really get the most out of scanner and the hobby today, you really need a P25 capable radio, in some areas P25 Phase 2 is now being implemented. This means the 436HP/536HP, Home Patrol 2 or 996P2 or 325P2 are really required for P25 Phase 2.

Not sure how well the BC145XL works with Airband or other specific purposes, but it may have a place in someones collection.
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