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BCD-396XT Parts Swap with 346XT

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Mar 8, 2008
Painesville, Ohio
What is stopping me from purchasing a BCD-346XT off of ebay for $150 or hopefully cheaper - shipped to repair a VERY broken PH-309EA board and front/rear case on my BCD-396XT? Would I assume that both boards are the exact same design?

The way I see it, the cases front and back (physical dimensions ONLY), PH-309EA boards, and mainboard earphone jacks (also broken on my 396XT) are exactly alike.

My major concern is that the board (if identical) might need a software calibration (probably only found in a proprietary Uniden tech bench space) to mate with the main board and if not done might deviate slightly off freq from where the old board was sitting or incorrect RSSI values if the calibration procedure is not performed? The other major concern is that the APCO25 codec is hopefully not located on this board and rather on the PH-333AB-1 board which is as I had said previously, repairable if I pull the earphones jack out and replace it with the one off the the 346XT.

If this has been discussed in the past I apologize and have not seen the specific thread that relates to this.

Any thoughts/knowledge/done this swap before?
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