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BCD325P2 - How to add CHP 700Mhz

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May 12, 2017
Petaluma, California

Sorry if this has been posted before. I tried to search for my problem but nothing came up in the search results or Google.

I am new here and sort of new to scanning. I recently bought a Uniden BCD325P2 from amazon. I am able to program conventional frequencies like my local PD, FD, and SO. But what I would like to listen to most is CHP. I live in Northern California so Im looking at listening to Marin CHP (769.43125, 769.69375) mostly. I figure if I can configure this channel then I can do the rest.

So here is how I go about setting this up. BTW, my problem is that I cannot hear anything on the scanner. But when I use an app on my phone, I can here 34 units just fine, 32, 22, and 21 units as well.

Program system -> new system -> select P25 -> standard trunk -> edit name (name the system) ->
edit site -> new site -> name it -> set frequencies -> new frequencies -> add 769.43125 (press yes when done) -> new frequency -> add 769.69375 (press yes when done) -> click menu until Im back at scanning.

Squelch is on 2, the scanner scans and it says ID search under the name of the system. But I do not hear anything. My app uses broadcast (I assume) to listen to CHP, but its hard with all the bleed over to single out Marin CHP. Which is why I bought this scanner.

Am I programming the scanner correctly? Is my factory antenna not strong enough to pick up their traffic? (This is another question of mine because local PD doesn't come in clear but county SO comes in just fine).

Im on a mac and I haven't updated the firmware yet, I just installed windows 7 via parallels so Im going to hook up the scanner to freescan and see what happens.

Any help to get me to listen to CHP on their new 769Mhz band? I'm at a loss. I can program this scanner to listen to conventional frequencies but not CHP. And it appears CHP is no longer using the 42 (low frequency) band.

Thanks for the help!



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Feb 21, 2003
Oceanside, CA

CHP is still using VHF Low for their radio transmissions. The 700Mhz system is for the extenders. You will not here the extender unless a CHP unit is close by. Check out the CHP Wiki page for more info.



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Aug 1, 2007
Sonoma Co., California
For reference, your location states Petaluma. For that area, you want CHP - Santa Rosa aka Golden Gate Division - Emerald.

Emerald covers from San Antonio North to the Sonoma-Mendo Line and out 116 to 37.
Violet (Marin) covers from San Antonio South to the Tunnels leading into San Francisco on the South side of the Golden Gate Bridge, and out 37 to 121, where the Solano area picks up.

If you want more info, let me know.


-Frank C.
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