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BCT-8 Uniden scanner LTR Trunking

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Moved due to wrong forum. The LTR forum is for discussion of the LTR technology. Scanner programming questions are to be asked in either the scanner manufacturer's forum or your local regional forum if the question is system specific. Thanks.


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See the Pima County trunked thread. It’s a hassle, but it can be done. Pima County is a Multi-net system and can’t be monitored with any commercial off the rack scanner.



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diocommunicationsco said:
I need help with Programming Talk Group ID/SCAN lists for the Pima County Sheriffs Office in Az. I have all the freqs programmed already. Don K7LHR

Short answer - you can't do it with any scanner by itself, even if it's LTR capable. The Pima County Sheriffs Office is on a Multinet-LTR system. The only way it can be monitored is by the use of 2 dedicated radios and a dedicated computer.

If you use the LTR Trunker program, have two radios, one with the data signal output to a computer and the second radio, capable of being controlled by the computer, then you can trunk follow this system. The software can be found in the Wiki.

As a work-around, I've found that if I just put a couple of the frequencies in for a specific "tower", then I can typically follow with a scanner in normal, non-trunking mode, with no delay settings - as long as I'm willing to hit scan, once the voice "activity" stops transmitting on the frequency. It's a lot of work, but worth it, if you are looking for something in particular, i.e. the SO response to your neighbors house

The other thing one could do is put all the INPUT frequencies into the scanner. This will only be worthwhile for those transmissions that are near you. I've done this myself several times and have heard SO while they are working radar on Wentworth Rd. (Yes, I live down the house from you and am jealous of all of your antennas at your place :) )
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