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bct396xt new owner of; bct396t repairs

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Aug 1, 2008
I just got a used bct396xt in great shape.......so when I looked for bct396xt_uasd on uniden's site, it was nowhere to be found. So I tried Freescan to see if that would work for uploading, and downloading and it looks pretty good. Just wondering if anyone found BCT396XT_UASD (uniden advanced scanner director).
I have had a Bct396t for as long as its been out, so I'm finding lots of similarities between the two radios, and it looks like I can download my 396t to freescan then upload that to the 396xt, hopefully without losing any of the systems that (factory?) put on it.
I do a fair amount of traveling and when I get to a new area to scan I usually figure it all out off the air.
But the Uniden tool (if I can find it) and maybe the Freescan tool sure save a lot of keyboard typing into the radio to get it going for my areas...

I have had to repair this radio, the original earphone connector was too weak, and I can't seem to get parts from Uniden, just a board swap. So I adapted a threaded earphone connector to the radio, much sturdier but beware of shorting against the internal frame, it has to be ground down to clear the earphone connector housing. I've repaired the antenna pin between connector and RF board numerous times.
A jumper wire will break loose due to continouous flexing.
The original antenan center SMA broke off so I saw Uniden has them out of stock on thier websites.

All the case rubber is gone now, and uniden doesnt have any to sell as parts. They do not want us repairing these at all, but I wore the heck out of my 396t.........

I also have a 250D with the add in card, that one's in pretty good shape as I just use it as a "base" radio and never drag it around at all, battery life and charging problems with that are solved in the 396T. Always have that with me...even overseas trips.. although it was not much use over there (tetra).

OK now I will try to merge the data sets from the bct296t to the bct296xt and see how that works.....
Nov 15, 2006
Denver, CO
On that blown up 396 SMA, try a short piece of copper braid, like the stuff you use for desoldering. I have used it for flexy connections on stuff like vehicles and r/c cars and have not had it fail yet. you'll need to be careful to not let it all wick solder though. good luck :)
Oct 29, 2011
Fayetteville NC
it looks like I can download my 396t to freescan then upload that to the 396xt, hopefully without losing any of the systems that (factory?) put on it.
Download the XT with Freescan first. Save the file as XT_Factory or some such name. Then you can always make a copy of that file, delete everything except the original factory program for some area and upload it (without erasing).

BTW, the UASD for the T will work on the XT, with the exception of the additional things the XT does. Maybe Paul will chime in with a link to an XT version.
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