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BCT8 Audio Recording Software (Scanner Recorder Pro, ID Tracker, ScanControl)

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Sep 5, 2010
I usually try to figure things out by myself, but I am beginning to pull my hair out with this problem.

I am trying to record audio with tagging of the frequencies from my BCT8 that I recently upgraded to. In the past I've used Scanner Recorder Pro, so I thought if I got a scanner with a data output, I could continue to use that to record more information about the audio file than just the time. However, when I put in the radio settings into Scanner Recorder Pro, and click the "Test Cmd" button, I get errors. A screenshot is attached.

Of course I've done my due diligence trying to troubleshoot this problem. I'm using COM2 at 38,400 baud. I've found that I can't get ID Tracker III to connect to the radio either. For ID Tracker, I've tested all of the different baud rates for the BCT8. However, I've tested and found that ScanControl DOES work, using the trial version.

I would rather use Scanner Recorder Pro that I've already donated to Dave Jacobs for...or the free ID Tracker III...before I go spend $50 on ScanControl. Plus ScanControl doesn't have its own player. I like how Scanner Recorder has its own player and will display the feed information. I also like how Scanner Recorder splits audio files.

Does anyone have some hints or tips I could try? Everything works great in ScanControl, but not at all in Scanner Recorder or ID Tracker.

Thank You!


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