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Berkeley Co. - Gunshot Wound

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Aug 25, 2004
Berkeley Co. WV/ Loudoun Co. VA
06:48 - EMS toned for a possible gunshot wound, 200 block of Golf Course Rd. BCSO dispatched as well.
06:49 - State PD en route. male subect called 911. He stated he heard about 10 gun shots. He then went outside and heard a male screaming that he was shot.
06:53 - Called called back and stated there was a white male going west on Gold Course Rd. that was possibly involved in the shooting.
07:01 - City PD, State and BCSO think they know where the white male is hiding.
07:02 - Not sure if this is the same one they are chasing on foot or not, but there was a report of someone shooting to draw attention to himself because he has a broken leg; he's located near the RR tracks.
07:11 - Sound like scene is secure. It sounds like no on was shot, but someone was shooting to draw attention. Medics are loading the subject with the broken leg.

If anyone is up and has ProScan installed and wants to listen, PM me.
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