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Best Noise Blanker CB?

Aug 24, 2013
Twin Cities

Looking for a CB which has a solid noise blanker or NB/ANL combination. Seems that
prices are sort of based on number of knobs on the unit, but haven't found reviews
on the noise reduction feature.



Premium Subscriber
Jan 31, 2012
Shelton, WA
I use the device called the Clipper no power needed just goes in line with your coax and it works well. you can also get something like a used Radio Shack dsp40 to help clean up sound too.

While neither of these are built in to a radio, it does help. I have two radios that should be identical, but one ANL is considerably different.

None of this matters if your trying to blank out alternator whine.
Dec 13, 2007
Mojave Ca
Hello All: I believe the Clipper is a in line attenuator that not only attenuates the noise but also the received signal. Not good.

As with most all EMI/RFI ( Electromagnetic Interference / Radio Frequency Interference ) you want to stop the noise at the source, but not all ways doable or practical. The NB Nose Blankers I've seen usually all work quit well, removing pulse type noises. Allowing the radio receiver to hear most all signals in a mobile installation.

Jay in the Great Mojave Desert


Premium Subscriber
Mar 12, 2018
Tampa, Florida
Try running the positive lead directly to the battery, but the negative lead to a chassis ground close to the radio. This has done a lot to remove noise from my AM/SSB based gear.
Mar 30, 2005
So Cali
The Motorola 'noise blanker' works at the IF stages.

And as KB4MSZ mentions "Try running the positive lead directly to the battery, but the negative lead to a chassis ground close to the radio." IS a very good idea.
Dec 22, 2013
I wonder if the Mocat used Motorola's Extender design.

The Extender had two front end filters tuned to different parts of the band. The extra filter sampled noise pulses an "unoccupied" part of the band and blanked the noise impulse after the IF filter delay.

That patent must be long expired by now. Hmm, maybe time for an aftermarket kit for CB radios.

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