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Best place to mount antennas

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Jun 21, 2007
Toronto, ON, Canada
I've got a Hyundai Santa Fe, and will be redoing the radio setup in the coming weeks. I'll need 3 800 MHz antennas, 1 wideband, and 1 tuned VHF. Right now my antennas are all mag mount, and I've been told (and read on RR) that a permenantely mounted antenna will work a lot better (ground plane). Because it's an SUV, virtually any antenna over 10" will hit the garage at home..which, I don't care very much about. Any suggestions on the best place to mount them? Haven't bought any NMO mounts yet...looking for some suggestions. Ideally I'd like to mount them towards the back of the vehicle, possibly on the side of the roof racks..


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Dec 19, 2002
Mount them as close to the centerline of the roof as possible. The 800 antennas can be just small unity gain stingers if you're in a good signal strength area. The wideband antenna that would work best would be the Maxrad/Comtelco antenna discused in other thread here since it does a good job at an is only 19 inches high. Not sure what kind of tuned VHF antenna you're looking for but a quarter wave whip cut the right frquency isn't very big and can take a lot of garage door banging.
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