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Boyd County radios/frequency questions

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Dec 25, 2009
Catlettsburg, KY
Just decided to make one topic to cover a couple things with Boyd County radios. A couple weeks ago, some stuff happened that I was put in the BRJDC and I'm out now, but while I was there, most of their processes and those with the BCDC involved a lot of radio traffic. I had my scanner set to search mode the other day, and while in search mode, picked up a sliver of radio traffic that sounded like it was from the detention center. It was on 155.010, FM mode, DCS 732. Can anyone else confirm what this may be?

Also, I have been trying to figure out the Catlettsburg PD radios. I did some research and did find out that the radios, according to their sound, are I'm 99% sure MotoTRBO radios. The sound when listening in analog mode and on search on my Pro-106 resemble the samples I have heard. When I put the radio in DCS search though, it is just static, no intermittent sounds or anything. Anyone have any idea when software or hardware will be coming out to scan MotoTRBO radios?

Also, on a side note, I had a discussion with the sheriff that transported me to the courthouse then to the JDC, and he did confirm the sheriff himself has a prototype digital radio they're testing out and will be planning on moving forth within the next couple years. Unknown if the APD will be switching or not though.
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