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Bullitt County Going Digital?


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Jul 18, 2009
Shepherdsville, KY
Does anyone know the status of Bullitt county going over to metrosafe I saw an article that talked about it happening this year does anyone know if the county is making any progress?
If testing is not done by the end of August, they will have to wait until the spring. This is to make sure the foliage is on the trees to properly test. That gives them 2 months to install all the equipment and figure out for sure what they are doing in the South end of the County. They were having issues down that way with finding a good tower to use. I know the tower 1000 feet from me has been installed but nothing is up on the tower yet so I don’t foresee the switch until 2020 sometime. For the First Responders, I hope I am wrong. The current system is a danger to all users.