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Cabarrus County NC August 2014

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Aug 30, 2008
Hello all. My name is Ed. I used to listen to Kannapolis and Concord on a Radio Shack Pro-162 scanner. I would use the ARC-160 software by Bu-Tel to program it. The software would get the trunking information for Cabarrus County from Radio Reference and I would download it into the scanner.

When Cabarrus County went digital I had to stop listening. I would like to buy an new scanner and tune in again. I want to purchase correctly the first time and program as easily as possible.

What I want to know is this. I know there are many of you out there that do the same thing as I did in the past. I want to buy a new scanner that I can use software to program getting the trunking system information from Radio Reference. What scanners are you good people using that have software to program it? Most important is the information for the on Radio Reference concerning the Charlotte/Mecklenburg digital system to receive Cabarrus County accurate and up to date.

I short I want to be able to program a scanner with up to date information using software without having to do little if any manual work.

I appreciate any and all answers.


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Mar 3, 2004
Concord, NC
I for one use several digital scanners.

I have the following handheld scanners:

Uniden BCD396T (No Longer Made)

Radio Shack Pro 96 (No Longer Made)

Uniden BCD346HP

I like personally like the BCD346HP, because of the ease of programming. All you do is enter your zip

code and the scanner does the rest. No more manually entering frequencies and talkgroups by hand or

computer anymore.

The Home Patrol is the same way, the only difference is the Home Patrol is more of a base scanner

however I have seen the Home Patrol used in vehicle applications.

For the best part I would recommend the Uniden BCD346HP is the best Handheld scanner and the

Uniden Home Patrol or the Uniden 546HP are the best base scanner on the market right now.

All three offer very crisp & clear audio and ease of programming.

Hope this helps

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