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Apr 14, 2002
From a short time of listening in Cairns, here's what I got...

148.5625 paging
148.6375 paging, mostly medical. POCSAG-3 Alpha 512
148.8125 paging
164.8125 PL123.4 bus
165.2000 P25 Ergon Energy SysID 6EE Site 93 NAC 6EE WACN 8B9CE Rxch=165.5 Rxch=170.1 ID=0 Base=165 Offset=+4.6 Spacing=12.5 BW=12.5
165.3500 Data, cycle #1, freq part of Sys6EE
165.5000 Data, cycle #2, freq part of Sys6EE
165.6500 Data, cycle #3, freq part of Sys6EE

413.775 TETRA
414.350 TETRA
414.6625 PL123.0 Cairns EMS, different from 469.325
416.075 Data
459.2125 PL107.2 Transportation?
460.450 TETRA? 35kHz
461.800 TETRA? 35Khz
463.525 ?
464.3000 DMR DCC 1
465.150 DMR
468.475 PL107.4 Police
469.325 PL107.4 EMS "Cairns 315" calls in Manoora
474.075 PL141.3 Bus shuttle?
487.2000 PL77.4 City security
498.5500 P25 NAC 141 enc voice TG 6 DES-OFB
490.825 P25
490.850 Data
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