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Calif Dept of Fish & Game/Sweetwater Rptr

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Oct 17, 2008
Douglas County,NV (4,859 Ft)
Today (09/26/2011) @ 16:35 Hrs Pacific

I confirmed that Sweetwater Summit (100.0 ctcss) Repeater is being used and Pine Grove (100.0 ctcss)
is no longer in use.

Also F&G Unit#4242 was calling "Northern" on "Sweetwater" for backup from Mono Co Sheriff @ Twin
Bridges @ Little Walker River.

Northern then called back to #4242 on Sweetwater advising Mono Sheriff (8-Sam-?) enroute with 10 minute
ETA from Bridgeport,Ca.

At no time did #4242 call for "Southern Dispatch" or "Southern" call #4242.

Northern ran 10-29's on subjects and came back to #4242 advising one subject run has a $120,000 Dollar
Felony warrant out of San Bernardino County,Ca

Mono County Sheriff arrived on scene and warrant confirmed Etc, subject in custody.

Bottomline is even if Northern/Central Mono County is in CDFG Southern zone, F&G Units are talking to Northern on Sweetwater Summit/100.0 ctcss.


Feb 24, 2001
You use the word "zone" and the DFG has 7 "regions" and 4 law enforcement "districts." I'm not sure where the dividing line is for who uses "Northern," "Central" and "Surcomm." Does it follow the Regions or Districts? I don't know. The remainder of Mono County is dispatched by Northern and I've heard wardens using Silver Peak in Inyo County calling Northern as well.

If I could spend some time in southern Inyo County I might find out if the entire county is being dispatched by Northern. As both Mono and Inyo Counties are in the "Central" law enforcement district I suspect I would think both counties are both dispatched by Northern. In other states I've observed that the boundaries of dispatch areas don't coincide with the districts/regions they serve.

Since the first permit to install a repeater/remote base was issued in 1984 agencies have been slowly abandoning Pine Grove. Sweetwater provides better coverage of the Little Walker River canyon, Sonora Pass and West Walker River canyon areas. Sweetwater does not have commercial power and so linking with the state's microwave system is more problematic. Sweetwater has such good coverage of the West Walker River area that even Caltrans has very few gaps in coverage on 800 MHz.
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