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Cambria County Transit Authority

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Feb 28, 2007
First of all, I have figured out the complete Cambria County Transit Authority radio system.

Ch. 1 Urban Dispatch 453.350/458.350 PL 173.8
Ch. 2 Urban Bus-2-Bus 453.350
Ch. 3 Rural Dispatch - 453.475/458.475 PL 173.8
Ch. 4 Rural Bus-2-Bus - 453.475
Ch. 5 Carrolltown (Between C-Town and Patton) - 460.375/465.375
Ch. 6 Carrolltown (Between C-Town and Patton) - 460.375

Did anyone ever hear or currently ever hear traffic on Ch. 5/6 and know what the 453.7125/458.7125 is about?

for the 453.7125/458.7125. Seems to be registered to CamTran+ (Rural Division).

The reason I'm asking is, I've been listening to Ch. 5 for a while now and never heard anything and I've never heard anything on 453.7125. I basically live in a bowl that's far away from the Rural Division's area, so I have a hard time trying to hear them to begin with, even if they were using the channels constantly.

I figured maybe somebody listened to 460.375 before and maybe knows the PL so I can do some testing.

So far, I've only found Bedford County Police to use 460.375 but I noticed in the RR DB that Bedford County police also seems to use 453.475 as well.

I'm thinking Ch. 5 will probably be 173.8 like the 1&3 but I don't want to assume that without evidence.
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