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Campbell County BOE - convert to DMR??


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Jan 20, 2003
Preble County, Ohio

Need some guidance with this one, so I'm coming over to the Kentucky forum.....

...the other morning I was SEARCHing the bands, in particular the 900mHz
band, and ran across two unknown frequencies that were broadcasting a
DMR "pulse"....

The two frequencies I caught that were broadcasting were:



They were showing that they were part of a CAPACITY+ system with a DCC:

I have searched RR.com for a DMR system with these two frequencies to no

FCC searches show nothing in OHIO...
and nothing in Indiana...
but, an FCC search does show a possibility in Northern Kentucky. Matter of fact,
the Campbell County Board of Education (WPPB224) comes back showing a
good return on both of those freqs together....

Now, I have gotten users, especially this one, from the Northern Kentucky area before
during good tropo, so, this one normally wouldn't be a big thing....
However, when I looked this one up on Radioreference.com; it came back
as an Analog Motorola Type II Smartnet system....

My question is..... Did they convert over to DMR recently?