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Can anyone help me?

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Sep 25, 2011
Please forgive me but I seemed to have hit a brick wall. I have the police scanner version 3.1 from critical hit software. It has stopped working correctly. I have tried to update with a new download and found no joy in that and got charged again for an app I already paid for, and it's still not working. It doesn't bring up the top listened too, there's a delay but I can deal with that. But there is no longer reports, nor can you make reports. Does anyone know anything about this app? Or any other app that does the same thing? I have repeatedly tried emailing them for over a month and found no joy in my attempts as no one is responding. I have listened to this app for a few years with no problems. I left this question elsewhere on the forum and all I got was corrected that I mistyped critical software when it's critical hit software. Didn't get any help or an answer though.

Can anyone help me? Please forgive me if this is the wrong place to ask but it does say software forum so tectonically it is a software issue though it's an app. I don't currently have a scanner set up in my home anymore.
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