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Can Yaesu VX-5R get APCO 25?

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Sep 16, 2010
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My local police department just went digital (APCO 25). I bought a new scanner (RS PRO-106) and I'm all up and running. However, there is a developmentally disabled man in my neighborhood who had an analog scanner, and wants to go digital. So, he asked a friend to buy him something on eBay. What his friend bought was a Yaesu VX-5R. Now he has asked me to program it for him. I see in the manual that it covers the target frequency range, but no mention of it being digital or APCO 25 capable. Before I tell him he got the wrong thing, can anyone positively confirm for me that the VX-5R is not APCO 25 capable?


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Jul 22, 2002
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Having had a 5R for a while, I can say the answer is no, it doesn't. And neither can it trunktrack.

That handheld is for hams and covers the 6, 2 and 450 Mhz bands. What you need to look for is a digital trunktracker, the various models of which are found here...

Category:Digital Scanners - The RadioReference Wiki

Just click on the blue text and then on the model number you want to view. I would avoid the BC250 and 785 because they don't support an ongoing move of frequencies in the public safety services called rebanding.



Jan 21, 2002
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As Mike correctly points out the VX-5R does NOT do P25 nor Trunking.
If it did I would not need to also carry my city issued XTS 5000 with the 5R
when I am out and about :D:cool:

A somewhat current digital voice capable scanner is needed.
Happy Monitoring
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