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CGH EMS Sterling IL

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Jan 14, 2007
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Is CGH EMS in Sterling still broadcasting on 155.220 the last 3 or 4 times I've been down there I haven't heard any traffic on it, the only way I here there calls is when they utilize fire on 154.190


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Mar 30, 2002
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I have 155.220 in the scanner as CSQ so I could heard Life Guard out of Cedar Rapids but they moved to Linn ECC and have not heard anything at all from anyone, I checked and didn't have the channel set to digital or have attenuation on.

I was just checking Whiteside Co in the database and they have 153.860 listed as Ambulance Dispatch not sure this is just CGH's or what. No tone is listed.

Below is from my records:

CGH Hospital Medical Center, Sterling IL
N 41,48,6.1 - W 89,41,49.2

152.0075 B Hospital paging
153.8600 R Hospital Ops 40w ERP (30 2w mobiles on 150.790)
154.1900 BM Co Fire 160w ERP 38 mobiles 45w
154.2650 BM IFERN 160w ERP 38
154.3025 M 10w mobiles
154.3550 BM Co Fireground 160w ERP 38 mobiles 45w
155.2200 BM Dispatch EMS 160w ERP 38 mobiles 110w
155.3400 BM MERCI-340 160w ERP 38 mobiles 110w
155.4000 BM MERCI-400 160w ERP 38 mobiles 110w
159.9150 m EMS crew onscene 30 2w mobiles
453.7750 Rm Operations
463.4250 Rm Operations
463.4500 Rm Operations

2 GHz link between Warehouse and Hospital
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