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Champaign Co. Fire question

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Jan 9, 2005
Weirton, WV
in the wiki database it list stations 16, 321, and 330, but the other depts numbers arent listed. does anybody know the rest of the counties fire station numbering


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Dec 19, 2002
London, OH
Here is a list of all fire stations in Champaign County

Adams Twp Rosewood: Station 16 (numbered with Logan County)
Christiansburg: Station 1
Mechanicsburg: Station 30
North Lewisburg: Station 321 (also known as Northeast Champaign Fire District)
St Paris: Station 1
Urbana: Station 1

Other Departments that cover Champaign County but sit in another county:
West Liberty: Station 11 - Logan County
Catawba Pleasant Twp: Station 75 - Clark County
German Twp: Station 78 - Clark County

Champaign County 9-1-1 Center dispatches full-time for Catawba Pleasant Twp Fire and EMS. They can dispatch West Liberty Fire and EMS and German Twp Fire and EMS if they receive the call. West Liberty is dispatched by Logan County and German Twp is self-dispatched.
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