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Charlotte Airport Emergency freqs

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Dec 19, 2002
If you're talking about an aircraft emergency at the airport, typically Blaze equipment at the airport will notify CFD who will dispatch additional equipment and assign an ops channel. From there the blaze equipment will monitor the air frequencies and relay info to Alarm. So if you monitor Alarm you'll hear the dispatch and you can follow it from there.

The info below is from CFD's Station 1 homepage:

http://www.the1house.com/Scanner Page 1.htm

Airport Incidents

All incidents at the airport involving aircraft are reported directly to Fire Station 17 via a direct line from the Air-Traffic Control Tower to the Fire Station. The Station OIC(Blaze 5) will then contact Fire Alarm via radio and advise of the situation.

Alert 1 Aircraft in distress-Station 17 units can handle the situation by standing by at the Station.

Alert 2/Code 1 Aircraft in distress-Blaze 5 will request an Operation Channel and a Code 1 response will be dispatched.

* 4 Blaze(ARFF)
* 3 Engines
* 1 Ladder
* 1 Rescue
* 2 Tankers
* 1 Battalion Chief

Alert 3/Code 10 Aircraft has crashed or a crash is imminent.

Code 1 Response plus a 2nd and 3rd Alarm response.
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