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BCT15X: Cheapest PC to program Uniden Bearcat BCT15X Police Scanner

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Jun 16, 2017
Deep in the tick infested Ozarks
Hey Everyone,

I have Uniden Bearcat BCT15X Police Scanner, I use it only in the garage as background noise. I moved to a new county and not excited about reprogramming it manually for all the local analog freq's . I researched this forum and didn't find a thread/post on this, please share if you know of one.

What's my best choice in your opinion(s) for a cheap PC and programming software solely for the purpose of programming my Uniden. It will sit by it's side full time so I can make changes when the mood strikes.

I'm an Apple user and definitely do not/will not use my MAC for any of this.

I had an old PC 5+ years ago but it's dust now, I need to replace it, laptop or desktop, either is fine.

Any and all suggestions welcome.

Thank You kindly..

North West Arkansas.


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Mar 27, 2004
Toms River NJ
I'm partial to ThinkPads myself and always keep an eye on the Lenovo overstock site. Sometimes you can even find brand new gear there, much of the time it's refurbs. If you don't mind a dead pixel or two you can get some real deals. I generally relegate my "old" ones to radio programming duty when I get a new one. I find they last me anywhere from 10-15 years before something makes them not worth repairing.
Jun 20, 2018
Central California
Just some suggestions in general

I like Toshiba laptops myself, but my recommendation for this garage setup is any Windows based laptop you can find used for around $50.

I like Windows 7.

You'll want a programming cable called USB-1 by some folks. Important thing is it has the Ftdi chip, a USB on one end and the appropriate plug for your scanner on the other. Ones that work are usually in the $20 range. The other chip would probably work too if it wasn't a knockoff (with fake chip) which usually sells for $9.

Freescan software works for me, and....it's free. If you pay a modest fee at RR you can access their databases, open Freescan (or another program) and download to your pc then up to your scanner.

Enjoy !

(note as a human being I sometimes make mistakes typing or otherwise, but fortunately there is always someone here to point them out.)
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