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Chimney Rock Rd & Running Deer Ranch area. SLO County new fire

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Jun 28, 2006
San Luis Obispo, CA
Most afternoons around 4 or 5 I kill +/- an hour and a glass of wine out in the Think Tank, er, hot tub, and watch planes fly over. The last couple of days, I've seen an odd jet, low and slow, white over orange, go right over our house from the SW and turn north. No visible markings underneath, and I can't see the tail.

Finally, I noticed the pod on the belly and figured out is was one of the DC-10 tankers fighting the Chimney fire out of the Santa Maria Airport.

Here's a link to a SLOStringer tweet with some awesome footage of Tanker 911 making a run yesterday... from ABOVE the drop!

Not open for further replies.