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Chp-gray 2 valley/truckee disp area

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Oct 17, 2008
Douglas County,NV (4,859 Ft)
12-23-2009 Iam Hearing All 13,70 & 80 Units Full Quieting On (45.6000 I Believe Is Brockway Summit),
But Hearing Truckee On Several Different Xmtr Sites? Is Brockway A Dedicated Xmtr Site For Mobile
Repeater For South Lake & Truckee Areas And Is Truckee Base Is Still Switching Xmtr Sites As Before?
Are Certain Sites Voting Rcvr Sites Only? As It Is Rite Now Mobiles Will Only Hear One Side Of The
Conversation Example Truckee Base Talking To A Gold Run Unit And A Mobile In South Lake Will Only
Hear The Mobile Side On The Repeater Because Base Xmitting On Local Xmit Site In Gold Runs Area
Out Of Range, Is This Going To Change? Im Only A Few Miles From The Alpine County In Nevada,But
Shouldnt Make Any Difference,I Can Hear Kirkwood,Leviathan,Scout,Brockway Loud And Clear. My
Question Is? Are They Going To Simulcast Or Is It Done Being Upgraded And Thats The Way It Is Or
Is There More To Come? gvranchosbill
Sep 26, 2003
Bakersfield, CA
CHP is in the process of repeating all of their radios statewide. They are starting in Northern California around Sacramento, and will eventually have all comm centers repeated. From what I've been told, it will hopefully be completed sometime next year. They will be doing some channel reorganization in the process. So some areas may change channels.
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