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Nov 14, 2009
Portland, OR
While I was there I found that Paris, Flamingo, Caesars. Rio, and Ballys all used one conventional channel of their existing system in DMR mode for security and all full E. I didn't try PH, but I am willing to bet they did the same thing.

Hmm... I used to work security for Harrahs/Caesars Entertainment and have worked at each one of those properties. It’s been several years, but I can’t imagine them using just one frequency to coordinate daily security operations. We *always* had *a ton* of radio traffic. Sometimes officers were fighting for airtime and each casino had its own talkgroup.

Post 10/1, the company created its own “Saturation Teams” (PC name for their Critical Incident Response team). I wonder if that’s a shared and Encrypted channel for the Saturation Team Officers. Either that or a channel for the Special Investigation Unit to coordinate operations. The SIU folks work at different casinos daily and could really benefit from a shared single frequency.