• Effective immediately we will be deleting, without notice, any negative threads or posts that deal with the use of encryption and streaming of scanner audio.

    We've noticed a huge increase in rants and negative posts that revolve around agencies going to encryption due to the broadcasting of scanner audio on the internet. It's now worn out and continues to be the same recycled rants. These rants hijack the threads and derail the conversation. They no longer have a place anywhere on this forum other than in the designated threads in the Rants forum in the Tavern.

    If you violate these guidelines your post will be deleted without notice and an infraction will be issued. We are not against discussion of this issue. You just need to do it in the right place. For example:

Collaboration project is done- finally!

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Jul 22, 2002
Bowie, Md.
With the exception of some Illinois stuff, and some odds and ends to clean up, all the files, 10 code lists (I swear if I see another 10 code list to be moved, I'm gonna go postal on them, hi :D ), maps, and so on are now in the wiki. This includes fire tone out stuff.

From here on out, if you have things like this that you want stored somewhere, please do not send it to the database team. It only slows the process down. If you don't know how to upload something to the wiki, and build links to it in your article just ask. It's a bit clumsy, but not real hard to learn.

Thanks again to everyone that chipped in to get this done - there were a number of folks that jumped in to do the work, and I don't want to hurt someone's feelings by leaving them out.

73 Mike
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