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Conway/Faulkner County P25 PII online

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Dec 18, 2002
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The new Harris P25 IP P25 Phase II upgrade of the Motorola Type II has come online. Currently only Techs are online doing Quality/Range testing, and all other users are still on the old system. This will be quickly changing though. CPD will most likely be fully encrypted as they are now, unknown as to if others will go E or remain clear such as the FCSO etc...

Speaking of SO...
Anyone heard a peep on the FCSO repeaters of 453.1625 or 453.7625 both listed as Analog NFM Repeater located at 801 Locust St.?
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Sep 9, 2016
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The FCSO Does not use these repeaters often. The Emergency Squad uses them when they have to go on calls such as water rescues and other missions.

Also from what i have heard the system will be fully encrypted for all agencies.
When i find out more info I can and will update.
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