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Conway police release 911 prank call of a school shooter by 6 year old boy


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May 18, 2017
Elberta, Michigan
That's kinda funny, but not funny for the officers that had to respond to this. I wonder if/how the boy was disciplined (I'm almost sure he got a whoopin' from his mother).
Feb 23, 2018
I'm sure he did get a whoopin'. I think almost the entire department responded from what the article said, but listening to the 911 recording I think they knew from about five minutes in that it was a prank call. It was a good drill (kind of a dangerous) for all first responders and dispatchers.


Jul 23, 2010
Central, NJ
As a former Dispatcher, I hope this Dispatcher got recognized for her role in this. Keeping a child engaged (ecspecially on a call) isn't easy. By doing so she was able to get updated information out to responding units, as well as determine the overall likeliness/validity of the call as the conversation continued. Great job!

If this call ended earlier (as I've seen many Dispatchers do) responders may have been going into the school with an entire different mindset.