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County: Radios failed at BP blaze 'Antiquated, dilapidated, no longer reliable'

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County: Radios failed at BP blaze - Posted: September 5, 2011
'Antiquated, dilapidated, no longer reliable' - hand signals, runners used

A communications memo issued last week by Interim Fire Chief Carl Shank said the county's inadequate emergency radio system required many firefighters to use hand signals and runners to talk to one another at that fire.

Shank said firefighters and commanders found their county radios overloaded by traffic and not loud enough.

"We pretty much ditched the radios and went face to face," Shank said. "It shouldn't be that way. Not in this day and age. It just really exposed the system for what it is."

His memo said fire units arriving from other jurisdictions were unable to talk to commanders.


The above story goes with this Breaking news fire story from August.
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