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Couple of new NS fire grid sites


Database Admin
Aug 18, 2007
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Something today spurred me to take a closer look at frequencies licensed to NS PSFCO, and I noticed a couple of new sites seem to be online.

Fox Island - CZM782 150.125/149.2 - I think we knew this was one of the new fire grid sites, but I hadn't seen the frequencies yet
New Chester - XML509 151.925/154.1 - not sure what's going on here, this is the same call sign and frequency pair as the nearby Marinette site. So perhaps it's been moved to provide better coverage to the Guysborough county stations? Anyone have any idea?

Also, the NS government website on the IMRS claims it consists of 47 sites, but my count only shows 35. Then again, I'm only looking at sites that host a fire or EMO repeater, they probably have a bunch of additional sites hosting things I'm not even looking at...
Mar 8, 2013
I can't comment on either of those sites and/or frequencies but in actuality there are 50 NSIMRS sites. They used to list them online with lat/long and civic addresses but eventually decided that it was only helping the generator thieves so the data was taken down. :(