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Creative Communications TRS TG ID Help

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Dec 19, 2002
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Hello folks,

For those of you who like detective work, there are a number talk groups that are either not well identified or identified at all in the Creative Communications TRS - Creative Communications Sales and Rentals, Inc. Trunking System, Tucson, Phoenix, Arizona - Scanner Frequencies

This system covers a lot of area, so folks are likely to hear some identifying activity.

I've created an associated "wiki" that you can easily get to via the above page, just click on the blue "wiki" icon.

Look towards the middle of the page for "Related Wiki Pages" and click on the link, Creative Communications Sales and Rentals, Inc. Unknown Talkgroups or if you'd like you can simply go straight to the Unknown Talkgroups wiki page here : Creative Communications Sales and Rentals, Inc. Unknown Talkgroups - The RadioReference Wiki

If you can ID, even partially, please submit to the database.

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