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Crest @ new HRO (Hero)

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Nov 5, 2002
I just cant for the life of me get DSDplus to decode the audio so I am looking for another digital trunk group to try if you know of one.
Sorry to sound like Captain Obvious but did you download and copy lame_enc.dll to your DSD+ file?
Aug 26, 2006
Vancouver BC
Friend that is control channels for Vancouver (Ecomm) and you will not hear anything as it is full time ENCRYPTED
what we are looking for is the up to16 new sites that will populate the southern half Saanich to Victoria portion of the peninsula. Unless you have a 700 mhz yagi pointed that way I believe you will likely p/u only local signals. What you can do is use the know list printed in the database here for Vancouver to your findings.
Mar 11, 2018
THank you to both that responded. Yes I have the DLL file. I know for sure because if you try and run DSDplus from anywhere other than the directory that contains the DLL you get an error message. I see some listings for YVR and trunk groups but I dont get anything there. I live in a terrible location for radio, at the south base of a Metrotown ridge so IU get noithing from the North.
Mar 16, 2018
More frequencies pop'ed up..

4 more trequencies pop'ed up on the saanich tower....
Using Uniteunker
Origional two

01-1460. 771.13125c
01-1500. 771.38125a

New ones..

01-1580. 771-88115
01-1620. 772.13125
01-1660. 772.38125
01-1740. 772.88125
Mar 16, 2018
New Crest Frequencies

Just noticed that a couple of new frequencies (which I have not found yet) popped up on the crest system using Uni-trunker.

Site 4 - LCN 590

Site 8 - LCN 631

If I find the frequencies before someone else, I'll post them. If you find them, please post them.
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