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David Spade's Christmas Cher Giving to PD

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May 1, 2002
That is cool. They will probably need em' the way the economy is going there; and don't forget with sheriff Joe getting old it may cause a slippage in LE in that area--:twisted:
Nov 5, 2006
Phoenix Arizona
A lot of the officers here have rifles now, maybe half. It used to be only supervisors.

If you think about it, what a great idea. I would say anyone with a few years experience should have one. That way when the going gets tough, you can reach for something that can reach out and touch someone.

A lot of "south of the border" thugs come up hear and they pack long arms, so it makes sense.

As the guys in that hollywood bank of america robbery found out, when the bad guys have rifles, and you have 9mm handguns, you are in a world of hurt. They had to go borrow a few rifles from a pawn shop if I remember, not cool.

Too bad they don't get a real caliber though. I prefer 7.62x39 or above, if I am going to play with a rifle. No "22's", thanks. At the beginning of vietnam the lucky guys got m-14's, and the coveted them. They knew that while an enemy could sometimes take multiple hits from a .22 caliber weapon, the .308 would drop them in their tracks with a solid hit. Yet, our military and police still cling to these low powered plastic rifles, I guess because they are light. I don't get it though personally.

Oh, well, any rifle beats a handgun I guess, although I do recall stories about old vets in Vietnam who preferred their .45 colt to a M-16 in close quarters....
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Feb 24, 2001
When I first saw the headline, I wondered what in God's name that PD did to deserve Cher... Then after reading the thread I realized it was a typo.

No one should have to endure Cher, no one.
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