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Pro-163: Deaf Pro-163?

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Jan 2, 2015
My Pro-163 can barely pick up anything. VHF high and 450 anyways. Not sure about other bands. A cable TV amplifier helps but it still not as sensitive as other scanners or transceivers.

Is it common for this scanner or is this particular one a dud or damaged? I opened it up and the shielding behind the BNC jack is securely on there.


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Apr 5, 2005
Albany County, NY
Try the attenuator might help.163 is notorious for front end overload.
As a PRO-163 owner, I second this suggestion. I feed my 163, along with 3 other scanners, with a 4-way cable TV amp to my roof-mounted discone. The amp is necessary, for me, to boost P25 signals to my Uniden 996xt. However, I find most VHF-high frequencies are grossly overloaded and must be attenuated. The attenuation makes all the difference in the world and the PRO-163 comes alive on VHF as a result.
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