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BCD536HP: Decoded Information

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May 5, 2005
West Central Arkansas
I monitor multiple couties in my area. Two of them have gone to DMR and are decoding quite well with the DMR plugin.

Several of the frequencies I have loaded are listed as DMR but I don't have any of the specs for them and have to run auto decode.

Is there any way to see what the scanner is decoding as far as CC, Slot or Talkgroup? It would be nice to help update the info on RR.
Sep 11, 2002
The only way to do this is to use the preprogrammed search ranges. dont rename them do it this way.

1 push hold on any freq
2 push function then any of these keys 1 -7
3 this should start the freq search by selecting the range you want you should have the decode info you want when you hit the freqency.
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