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DEEP Search, LOL!

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Dec 13, 2003
Near Lakeview, LA (Caddo Parish)
Good Morning All!

I've been up rather early this morning, doing a "Deep Search" on the F.C.C. database site for known agencies in the parishes within a 125 mile radius of Shreveport. It's FINALLY stopped raining, so I can get out and put up the "Slim Jim" antennas for the VHF Hi-band (150-174 mcs) and the UHF Lo-band (406-512 mcs). I've also got a 4-element quad (vertical) beam to go up and I can finally finish the 25', wooden, long-boom 2 meter Quad that will double as my directional beam for scanning those VHF Hi-band agencies WAAAAAY out, LOL!

In doing in "inquiries", as to known towns, I find a lot of agencies NOT listed, even as 'expired' or 'terminated', such as the Ivan (Bossier Parish) Fire District # 5 VFD and all the "State" and "Parish" frequencies out at Fillmore, LA. I know they are in "use", I hear them, LOL!

I'm wondering if there is some way to do a "deeper" search, by Parish or County with the F.C.C. Once I have them, I'm putting them into a Quatro 10 spreadsheet and will "print-out" everything (Landscape mode) and then program my different scanners to "detect" and "confirm" the frequencies are in use by that agency, then report them to RR.

I'm still not getting the State Police, Troop G, from Bellevue, Mansfield or Plain Dealing on their respective 800 trunked frequencies on the "banks" I have them programmed in seprately. They ALL (and others) come in on Bank 4 of my Pro-95, the Shreveport tower, yet show the Bellevue, Mansfield and Plain Dealing "control channel of the day", Ha Ha Ha!
I'm NOT "griping". IF it keeps up, I'll reprogram banks 3 & 5 with something else. I'm making a "list" of most used TG's and will Alpha tag them when I can verify them and try to pass on any others I hear that may be "new".

Well, it hasn't "stormed" in the last two days. Looks like the yard needs mowing or the jungle animals will take over..... I don't really mind the elephants, they keep the lions away, LOL! GEAUX TIGERS!!!

I'm headed out, with the Pro-95, to cut some grass and edge the sidewalks....wife's orders, THEN the antennas go up, LOL!


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