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Des Arc / Prairie County


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Oct 11, 2005
If anyone lives close to Des Arc, it appears that the database information for Prairie County is outdated. First of all, according to their FCC license, the sheriff's office is licensed for DMR on 155.040 but this does not show in the database. There is also a sheriff's department frequency of 158.8575 which is not in the database (also licensed for DMR, incidentally). Devall's Bluff seems to have a volunteer fire frequency of 155.6925 DMR, Georgetown volunteer fire has an NXDN license for 460.550, "Prairie County Judge" has licenses for 155.130 and 154.8825, and Prairie County fire dispatch on 155.8650 is licensed for NFM as well as DMR. None of this appears in the Prairie County database page. Can anyone close do some RF sniffing around there?


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Dec 18, 2002
Indianapolis, IN
We do know PCSO at least also runs on AWIN. But yes, reconfirmation of what else is going on down there would be appreciated.