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Desktop Antenna stand

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Mar 12, 2001
McKinney, Texas
I'm looking for a small tripod stand I can attach my SMA antennas to for portable SDR use when I travel. Does anyone have experience with these or something similar? Or, is there a way to adapt a small desktop size camera tripod for antenna use? Thanks!
Jan 27, 2006
Melbourne VK
Or, is there a way to adapt a small desktop size camera tripod for antenna use?
There sure is!

Although this tripod started out with a small reflector telescope attached to it.
It was useless with the telescope, as it would move with the slightest bump/wind etc...and you would lose the object(s) you were trying to view.
So the telescope was removed and put on a decent camera tripod, leaving the original tripod with no use.

Until, I realized that a BNC panel mount socket fitted perfectly in the hole meant for the telescope mounting bolt!
And the legs act as a bit of a (crude) groundplane when used with the appropriate antenna.
The coaxial cable is 13' of RG-58 terminated directly at the panel mount socket and has an XLR connector rubber boot glued over the connection to keep it tidy and weatherproof for short term use outdoors
There is a BNC plug at the other end for the radio.
Very simple and uses all junk box parts for a no cost project.

So this setup comes with me on radio trips, packed with a radio or five, although nowadays an SDR dongle gets included.

It stands just on 8" tall and is fairly light weight, even though the legs and top section are steel.
You can see the photo with an AOR AR8600 to get an idea of the size.
The antenna pictured is a Nagoya NA-701 dual bander.
Using adapters, it is possible to use any antenna required.

And if used in a motel, it gets interesting reactions from room service staff!

Regards, Commscanaus.


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