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Digital Signal only giving me Noise

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Oct 14, 2016
Hi All,
I am brand new here, this is my first time in the discussion forum. I recently purchased a 996P2 in order to stay in line with the upgrades in my area. Unfortanately, the main PD that I bought the scanner for I am only receiving digital noise on. I can tell every time they key the mic but it is just noise. Here is what I know. They are using the same conventional frequency that they used with analog (156.090) and the radios that they are using are Kenwood NEXEDGE. I assumed that I just needed to put the scanner in NAC search mode to find the NAC that was correct and then I would be good to go. What is happening is the scanner isn't recognizing the channel as digital. When I choose Digital only, the scanner wont detect it. When I chose analog only it gives me just the noise and when I put it in search, it gives me just noise and does not find a NAC code, a DCS or CCTS code.

I am very frustrated and completely baffled. I have even tried putting in the channel as a P25 one frequency channel, but it doesn't pick up the channel on scan.

Can anybody tell me what the problem may be? I have spoke to the powers that be with the department and city hall and they told me that the signal is not encrypted. I have heard that these nexedge radios are un-scannable? Is this true?

Any answers are greatly appreciated!!

Dec 31, 2005
P25 and NXDN are not the same, so no current scanner can decode NXDN.

At the present, your options are using a scanner with a discriminator tap ran to a computer program (DSD+) or a RTL-SDR dongle in conjunction with DSD+.

This will work assuming no voice privacy is in use.
Jun 16, 2013
As RayAir stated, NXDN is not P25 and they are two different digital modes (which both utilize C4FM modulation).

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Sep 20, 2008
In the 'patch
You will need a NXDN capable radio or SDR dongles. That said, Kenwood does both 6.25KHz 'very narrow' and 12.5KHz 'narrow' NXDN. At one time Icom radios were only capable of 6.25KHz 'very narrow' NXDN. You will need to find out which NXDN mode they are using(narrow or very narrow).


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Jan 5, 2003
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The Whistler TRX-1 and TRX-2 are stated to have NXDN as a free upgrade by the end of this year. We have seen no upgrades for the 996P2 the 436 and 536 have seen DMR with expected NXDN but no OFFICIAL STATEMENT FROM Uniden on the NXDN.
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