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Disaster Drill in Fayette County....

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Jan 2, 2003
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There is a disaster drill, "Spring Tempest", in Lexington today.... so far they are operating on talk group 09-007 on the Lexington Public Safety TRS.... at 0745 (11 March) they are gathering their volunteers for placement.... Phase One is a simulated EF3 twister touching down along Leestown Road near the VA Campus.... Approximately 80 volunteers injured in the storm will seek treatment from Lexington hospitals allowing them to test their emergency plans... The second phase involves a school, also on Leestown Road, with 60 to 70 people injured.... This simulation will be in Building 5 on the VA-Leestown campus. it goes from 1030 to 1200.... this phase also allows Lexington Fire/EMS to test their mass casualty triage skills... Lexington's EOC will be partially activated
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