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Discriminator Mod For a Uniden BC-350a

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Dec 19, 2002
Edgemont, South Dakota
i want to know how can i tap into the bc350a and put in a jack for unfiltered audio and if anybody has done this one on the 350a or not post a jpeg of it

thanks much Todd


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Jul 22, 2002
Bowie, Md.
The place to find the 350A's tap point, along with a procedure as to how to install the tap, is in Bill Cheek's Scandata FAQ, which we have in our wiki (link below)...

SCANDATA.FAQ - The RadioReference Wiki

Be sure to read the whole article - there's multiple pages - as Bill wrote a gold mine of info here...

73 Mike
Feb 16, 2003
St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada
This is how I did mine. Feel free to put it in the Wiki.

What you need:
-30 minutes. A can of Budweiser beer. Some Alan Jackson music.
-Soldering iron (I used a cheapie from RadioShack)
-Solder - High Tech Rosin Core (RadioShack #64-013)
-Desoldering braid (RadioShack #64-2090)/Solder sucker (RadioShack #64-2086) -- just in case something messes up.
-Wire - Insulated wrapping wire (RadioShack #278-501), cut to length approx 15"
-3.5mm panel jack (RadioShack #274-248)
-Tweezers + tiny flat head screw driver
-Hot Glue Gun
-Drill + proper sized drill bit
-Uniden BC350A Radio Scanner without the antenna/power cord


#1 Locate your wrapping wire and pre-tin one end. Solder it to the right side of the 3.5mm jack.
#2 Get the Uniden 350A Radio Scanner. Unscrew all 8 side screws. Pull off both top & bottom metal cases and put them aside with the screws.
#3 On the bottom of the scanner, locate the antenna connector. Drill a small hole in the chassis next to it for the 3.5mm jack.
#4 Route the other end of your cable to the first hole where it says 800MHZ UNIT, located straight down from the antenna connector. Use screwdriver to poke wire into the hole. Flip the scanner over and use tweezers pull it through completely from the other side. Making sure you go under that metal shield.
#5 Bring the wire to Pin #10 and solder it in to place.
#6 Flip scanner over again and mount 3.5mm jack to the hole in the chassis tightly.
#7 Glue everything down afterwords so nothing slides around. (Yeah, I'm paranoid about that stuff.)
#8 Re-assemble the metal cases/screws.
#9 And that's it! Go test the jack out on Unitrunker/DSD. :)

*REMINDER*: Audio levels are touchy with discriminators.
YOU WILL have to play around with your line-in/mic-in audio levels in Linux AND Windows.
Once you've got them figured out, you're golden.
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