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DMR Motorola Connect Plus (TRBO) ?? How

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Dec 19, 2002
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:confused: Is there a program I can use to decode the cc/control channel of a DMR Motorola Connect Plus (TRBO) system and it will log all the frequencies that belong to the radio system, what is the easiest way to find all the frequencies, I have a scanner with a tap. I don't know if the control channel will give you this info on the frequencies.
Dec 31, 2005
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The voice frequencies are not automatically displayed from monitoring a Connect Plus control channel.
With DSD+, occassionally a system will transmit its network repeater map as an all call and DSD+ can save this to a file. It will list all the site numbers, LCN #'s, frequencies and color codes.

When I first got started with this stuff back in mid 2014 I used a tapped scanner and DSD+ to verify all frequencies and color codes for a Con+ system. If you're unsure of the frequencies doing a license search may help. I then watched the control channel data to determine talk groups. Control channel data will at least tell you how many repeaters are at the site. So, if the channel activity window lists 20 slots (10 LCN's) you know youre dealing with a 10 repeater, 10 frequency system with 19 talk paths.

After I had determined all system frequencies, color codes, and popular talk groups, I then programmed up a CS700 DMR radio to passively scan the system. Then when a talk group popped up on my CS700, I noted the frequency while watching DSD+ and noted the LCN that talk group appeared on in the DSD+ channel activity window.

Again, this was done in 2014, there maybe better ways today.

Here is a partial snapshot of a DSD+ capture of a local system which transmitted its network map-


Sep 19, 2002
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DSD+ decodes the network map - if and when the system broadcasts it. Other than that, you have to match channel grants on the control channel with matching voice activity on other channels.
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