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DNR Fire Section Maps

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Sep 6, 2003
Listening to the DNR Fire Management. They use section maps ie. section 25 2N 6E. What maps are they usining and are the maps online.
Dec 5, 2005
Laurium, michigan
What the DNR is using is a system that should be found on most county maps. These town and ranges are 6 miles square or 36 square miles within the town and range.

The first number is the section number within the township. Sec. 25

The second number is referred to as the Township number with either north or south following. T2N These townships are geographical and not political twps.

The third number is the Range number with East or West following. R6E

On the perimeter of county maps you should find notations of T on the sides of the map and the R notations should be on the top and bottom edges of the map.

Locate the town and range first then just find the section within that area.

There are county map books available but I dont know if they are on line or not??

Hope this helps.
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