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Dodge County NXDN

Sep 20, 2008
In the 'patch
Hi All

I have been helping a member try and get a NX220 programmed for receive only to listen to public safety in Dodge County

Does anyone know what RAN codes are being used on the various frequencies utilizing NXDN used by public safety?


Premium Subscriber
Dec 6, 2005
There is a certain Kenwood dealer in the general area that likes to Encrypt every NXDN system they sell/install/maintain. Seems to be a selling point.
Jan 24, 2019
also I have my radio programmed to the dodge county fire dispatch (countywide) as well as the Eastman fire department dispatch (EFD Dispatch). I can hear the pages as well as the dispatcher talking. however I cant hear the fellow firefighters. for instance when we get a call everyone call our dispatcher "911" so they call us out. I can hear the call just fine. but when I fellow firefighter/first responder (lets say he's with "GVFD" and his badge number is 826") when they call out and he responds with " 826 to 911 I'm responding", I cant hear that. like y radio doesn't even recognize that there's been a transmission. Why might that be?